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Cecilia Farías is a professional graphic designer and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She graduated from Fundación Gutenberg and obtained a degree in Visual Communication from Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

Over time, she has explored different expressive media such as painting, drawing and embroidery, but her main medium is paper collage. Her work is always going in between digital and analog techniques.

She finds inspiration in the shapes, repetitive patterns and colors of the street, but also in nature and flowers. Her illustrations are a combination of images with bold colors, sharp shapes and minimal compositions.

For commissions or just saying Hi:

Collective Exhibitions

2021, Espacio Bronx, Buenos Aires.

Perros y Montañas
2019, Escalería, Buenos Aires.

Cão de terra
2018, Escalería + Japonique, São Paulo.

Detalhe Portátil
2017, Escalería + Casa Nubam, São Paulo.

2015, Espacio Cabrera, Buenos Aires.

2014, Espacio Cabrera, Buenos Aires.


Posgrado de Ilustración Profesional
2021, FADU UBA, Buenos Aires

Licenciatura en Comunicación Visual
2014 — 2017, Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

Diseño Gráfico
2008 — 2013, Fundación Gutenberg, Buenos Aires.